A Florida man died after the explosion of vaping

Firefighters believe that vaping (e-cigarette), could cause the death of 38-year-old resident of Saint Petersburg in the state of Florida.

The incident occurred on Saturday, may 5th. Police noticed smoke in one of the houses called the fire Department. «We were hoping that no one was home, but then learned that there was a Wake,» says about his deceased neighbor, a local resident Dale Klein. It was she who first confirmed his identity – the man was burned almost 45% of the body.

Lieutenant Stephen Lawrence, a representative of the city fire Department, suggests that the cause of death of Tallmadge Wakeman D Elia became the exploding vaping. «You are, in fact, holding a small fireworks. He can explode and then the fragments act as shrapnel,» says Lawrence.

According to the Lieutenant, an explosion can occur if a lithium battery overheats, but the exact cause of death of men will establish a forensic scientist. If no fire is correct, this will be the first death from the explosion of vaping in the United States.

According to the fire Department of the United States, from 2000 to 2016 there were about 200 of these explosions, but no one died.

A neighbor of the deceased is concerned, because she is raising her teenage son. «Make sure your friends know: vaping is not as safe as it is considered,» urges the woman.