In new Jersey in the car found the body of a girl who disappeared in December last year

The car of the inhabitant of Paterson (state of NJ), who disappeared in December 2017, was discovered yesterday, 6 may. In the car there was a body missing.

24-year-old Sanyu Coley was last seen on the evening of 5 December last year at Colonial Avenue as she headed to work. After that, the girl disappeared.

And yesterday morning the police called by a local resident, saying that «abandoned» car in the Parking lot of the garden complex, located on Marion Street. It was a machine Shania. In the backseat police found the body.

«We haven’t said it is, but I know that,» says the mother of the deceased, Rachel Martin. According to her, the daughter asked the court restraining order for protection but she didn’t know from whom. «We have no time to even think about who it could do. I will pray for their souls,» she added.

Neighbors say She was a wonderful person. A young woman left a small son who adored her.

Soon the forensic medical examination should establish the cause of death Shania Coley. The Prosecutor’s office of the County Passaic asks anyone with any information about the incident, to call by phones: 1-877-370-PCPO, 973-321-1120 or contact by e-mail: [email protected]

Shanaya Coley was last seen leaving her apartment for work late December 5.

Her body was found Sunday morning.

— 48 Hours (@48hours) May 7, 2018