6-year-old girl from Newark died after falling from the window

In Newark (new Jersey) after falling from the 3rd floor received fatal injuries 6-year-old child. The girl fell out the window of the bathroom in the house on 14th Avenue. The tragedy occurred on Monday, may 7, around midnight.

The baby was taken to hospital in a critical condition this morning from injuries she died.

Police are investigating the incident, trying to figure out if it was an accident, or he has a criminal background.

Unfortunately, such incidents happen with frightening regularity. Statistics Safekids.org in the USA 3.3 thousand children under the age of 5 every year get injured due to a fall from the window. Of these, more than 100 die.

Most accidents occur not in preschool, and at home, while they are most often the victims are children of the densely populated and poor areas of major cities. Boys from traumatized die three times more often.

Experts remind: if your house grows a little restless, do not leave the sash Windows open fully!