In Florida — an accident with a Tesla: killed Teens

Last night, may 8, in Fort Lauderdale (FL), killed two teenagers in a traffic accident on the 1300 Seabreeze Boulevard.

As reported by Tracy Fagan, a representative of the local police Department, the accident occurred around seven in the evening. Electric car Tesla Model S crashed into a wall and caught fire. Another teenager who was in the car, taken to hospital with serious injuries.

According to eyewitnesses, the car picked up speed on the roadway, then lost control, crashed into the wall and immediately broke out. Two 18-year-old boys were in the wrecked car, as in a fire trap. «They were alive, but we couldn’t pull out because the flames were too strong,» said the man, who wished to remain anonymous.

The third teenager was more fortunate: he was thrown from the car, so he was still alive. A few hours the street was closed while police investigated a traffic accident.

«Next week the guys had to finish high school, said local resident Wendy Mascolo. — Their parents received the worst phone call you can be. It’s scary and painful, because their life will never be the same».

The company Tesla tragedy in Fort Lauderdale has not yet commented.

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— kubsv (@kubsv) May 9, 2018