In Queens police are looking for a newborn that we got rid of the mother

The police Department of new York (NYC Police Department — NYPD) is looking for a newbornwhose birth mother left on a street in Queens. Hope that the child was alive, almost there, besides, the woman claims that the baby was born already dead.

About the incident became known after one of the hospitals in Richmond hill turned 23-year-old woman with a complaint of severe pain in the abdomen and bleeding. During the examination, the patient admitted that last weekend gave birth to a child without medical help. Where is the baby, she clearly answer are unable. Doctors immediately called the police.

Officers arrived to the mountain mother reported that the child allegedly showed no signs of life. Not wishing to tell anyone about the incident, the woman just escaped from the child. As she did, not exactly known. According to mothers, it happened spontaneously, and she cannot remember the details.

Police took the woman into custody and organized a search team. Representatives of the NYPD recognized that the chances of finding a child alive are practically zero, but, anyway, they hope to establish his whereabouts. In addition, law enforcement has no reason to trust the mother that he was born already dead. Police believe the woman deliberately to deceive the police to cover up the place where she left the baby.