The second student in a week died at the University of new Jersey

On the campus of Rutgers University in new Jersey during the week found the bodies of 2 students.

So, on Monday, may 7, police received a call from the hostel Hardenbergh Hall. In the yard of a 7-storey building, the students were found dead sophomore Kyle Gotchel. It is known that Gotchel studying at the University business, lived in a room on the 3rd floor.

The police finds out circumstances of the incident, but, according to the preliminary conclusion that it was not murder. «The University extends its sincere condolences to the family and friends of Kyle,» said a representative of the University of the Nile, Buccino.

The first death was recorded on may 4: in the courtyard of the campus, Busch found the body of a graduate student akasha Tanaistudying medical chemistry. In this case, the investigation continues, and police have not yet announced even the preliminary version.

Students call on in difficult situations to seek help, including the helpline on tel: 848-932-7884 or 1-855-654-6735.