The mother of 7 children tragically died, but saved the lives of 68 people

Seven children , Helen Mountains of Clearwater (state of FL) looking forward to mother’s Day this Sunday.

However, instead of congratulate their mother, they will have to bury it.

41-year-old Helen died Tuesday, may 8, at the hospital of Tampa due to an accident with a jet ski.

Jet skithat was being driven by Helen Gore, collided with the motorcycle 41-year-old Alberto Fernandez from Tampa. The victim was immediately taken to hospital, where doctors pronounced him brain dead. However, in death, Helen probably saved the lives of 68 people — that’s how many people will receive her organs.

One of the daughters of the deceased, Keosha Mountains, believes that a higher power knew that Helen needs to stay alive long enough for transplantation became possible.

«Our mother lived a full life, loved to help people and was one of the most freedom-loving women we have ever known, — said Keesha. — I have no doubt that she would welcome the opportunity to help many people.»

According to relatives, Helen Gor a lot of good years drove a motorcycle, both conventional and water.

Police are continuing to investigate the incident on the water tragedy.