Boston lost the native of Vladikavkaz

Boston lost the native of Vladikavkaz

The photo of Marat Magomedov, who was born 11 November 1977, he Ossetians (digarec) a native of Vladikavkaz. Studied in Rostov-on-don there and worked until leaving for the United States.

Last year in November, Marat came to the United States, specifically in Boston. Settled in the hostel. On 20 December he went to his friend in new York, the 25th returned to Boston and had to call my family. But then the communication with them was lost. Relatives learned that he either lost it, or it was stolen from him. Anyway he went to the police, where for some reason it was detained to ascertain the circumstances (a strange point, but this is all according to Rodney) and since then about him no hearing, nor spirit.

Friends of Marat, who live in the US, look for it ceased. Said that if he were alive, would know about yourself already. Someone even removed his page Vkontakte. In Russia Marat wait and love my mother, sister and young daughter, he wanted to pick up as soon as I get settled.

Phones friends, for a memory he can’t remember.