Raccoon in Georgetown has bitten 4 people: there is a suspicion of rabies

May 9 in the vicinity of Washington raccoon attacked 4 people. Doctors fear they may have contracted the deadly disease rabies.

As reported by the health Department of the district of Columbia (D.C. Department of Health), the incidents occurred in Georgetown, near Montrose Park. According to authorities, the raccoon has bitten 5 people, but one of them (which animal stole the Taser) didn’t need treatment.

Four other precaution had been vaccinated at MedStar Georgetown University Hospital, reported the press Secretary of the hospital Marianne Worley. According to her, patients will have 3 more injections over the next few weeks.

The raccoon wanted. It is not known hurt animal with rabies, but his behavior makes it clear, said the press-Secretary of the Department of health Tom Lally. The mad raccoons are often observed the fear of light and water, excessive salivation, and abnormal aggression.

Rabies is a very dangerous disease that is transmitted by the bite of a sick animal, remind doctors. The development of the disease can be prevented by vaccination.