The fire escape collapsed during the evacuation of residents in Queens | 9 injured, 1 critically

Friday morning 9 people were injured during the evacuation in connection with fire in one of the houses in Elmhurst. The incident occurred at 5:15 at 40-46 St Case.

People were injured when they collapsed fire escape. One of them was seriously injured, and the rest insignificant. The majority of victims — employees of the FDNY.

The office reported that the cause of the fire was faulty wiring. The house lacked a fire alarm.

Per #FDNY Fire Marshals: Cause of 2 5/11-alarm fire, 40-46 St Case. #Queens, was accidental, electrical wiring. Smoke alarm not present.

— FDNY (@FDNY) May 11, 2018

This is not the only devastating fire last night in Queens. The second began at midnight in a three-storey building at 71st Street 30-46. Before the arrival of firefighters to residents, including several children, alone escaped, jumping out of a burning building.

Two young victims, a boy and a girl 9 years old, has not been able to get out, trapped. They survived but were in critical condition during hospitalization.

After investigation, the fire Department reported that the source of the fire was unattended candles. Fire alarms in the house did not work.

Per #FDNY Fire Marshals: Cause of last night’s all-hands fire at 30-46 71 St #Queens, was accidental, unattended candles. Smoke alarm present but not operational

— FDNY (@FDNY) May 11, 2018