At the Brussels station explosion

At the Brussels station explosion

The man who cried «Allahu Akbar!«, detonated an explosive device at the Brussels Central Station, as reported by the press-Secretary of the Belgian police force. There was also a suicide belt. The explosion was small. The man later shot and killed the soldiers inside the station. At this point I think that no injuries.

Police say the situation is under control. People from the station and Grand Place was evacuated. The heads of intelligence agencies later it will going to determine whether this incident is terrorism or not.

The witness of the incident, Remy Bonnaffe told Fox Newsthat he heard 2 loud sound similar to the sound of the explosion at the station. Bonnaffe said that when he heard the first explosion, then all was still on the platform. When he heard a second loud sound, people started to hide. The witness ran across the street and heard 2 sound like gunshots. He managed to take a picture of some object that burned in the station.

Twee luide ontploffingen in Brussel Cebtraal. Voor mijn neus. Dan knallen snelle na elkaar.

— Rémy Bonnaffé (@remybonnaffe) June 20, 2017

Explosions at Brussels Centraal station. We missed them by practically nothing, evacuated into the restaurant for now. Hoping for no casualties.

Arash Aazami (@arashaaz) June 20, 2017

Le périmètre de sécurité est élargi autour de la Gare centrale à #Bruxelles.

— Olivier le Bussy (@OlileBussy) June 20, 2017