To survive the attack of a pit bull: your child has already celebrated the 5 month of your life

On Friday, may 11, 2018, the parents of a 4 month old Nathan with him and his two older sisters drove to Children’s medical center Cohen in new Hyde Park to thank the team of doctors who saved their son after the attack pit bull in March.

On that fateful March day, my mom and her 2-month-old son, who was in the car seat-carrying, went to his landlord, living in Elmont (Nassau County).

But only the hostess opened the door of the house and immediately jumped out of two pit bull Terriers. One of the dogs rushed to the child’s mother and clutched her leg. After the attack on the mother, a pit bull attacked the kid, clutching his face and head.

The baby had severe head injuries. Cranial region has not yet developed, so the dog’s teeth easily pierced the skull. Nathan Nearmap admitted to the hospital in critical condition and doctors took a five-hour operation to save him. Fortunately, it is over. Nathan quickly recovered, but doctors will still watch it for another several years.

Baby recovers after vicious pit bull attack

— Eyewitness News (@ABC7NY) May 12, 2018

By the way, the police immediately after the incident, seized the dog from the hostess and handed them over to the Hempstead Animal Shelter.

Neighbors of the woman said she was walking in the early morning or late evening, when there was not many people, but despite this she always tried to keep attack dogs away. With a woman almost no one talked, because she was always with their Pets.