Another child died after school for some strange reason

A young resident Northlake, Illinois, died after he suddenly collapsed during a lesson. The tragic incident occurred Friday around noon in high school Northlake at 202 S. Lakewood Ave.

12:32 12-year-old Joshua Acosta fell in ruffles. When the paramedics took the boy to the Hospital Gottlieb memorial he was still breathing, but soon after admission, his heart stopped.

Police are investigating the death of a child — the final reason will be revealed during the forensic examination.

The mother of the deceased, Wendy Acosta, told doctors that her son suffered two heart attacks, but chronic diseases. Joshua was the oldest child in the family — he is survived by two brothers and two sisters ranging in age from six weeks to five years.

The case of Joshua — the second death in American schools in a week. Tuesday, 8 may, 14-year-old from new Jersey suddenly collapsed in gym class and was soon declared dead.