The bear attacked 5-year-old girl in her own yard

In the night from Saturday to Sunday 5-year-old galenica Grand junction, Colorado, were attacked by a bear in your own backyard. She was lucky to survive the encounter with a bear thanks to his mother.

The animal attacked a young victim at 2:30 when she went out into the yard to see why dogs barking. Hearing the cry of the daughter, her mother followed her and saw that the bear drags the girl away.

Woman scared of a predator their cry — he left the child and left someone else’s territory.

The victim was taken to a local hospital with injuries. not life-threatening. She feels well and is recovering.

Colorado — a typical habitat for the American black bears or Baibolov. In the state he lives about 12 thousand individuals. Wildlife researchers and thrill seekers from all over the country come here to watch for predators.

Authorities are warning that this activity is unsafe and is urging tourists and locals to be cautious.

What if you met a bear?

    • don’t run away — he can chase you;
    • avoid direct eye contact;
    • don’t throw food to distract the animal — it teaches bears to approach people looking for food;
    • if a predator attacked, let him fight back, using whatever comes to hand — there are cases when the bears fought back with rocks, sticks, binoculars and even their bare hands.