Unknown shot 5-year-old girl and her parents in their own home

The celebration of mother’s Day ended in tragedy in Stockton. 5-year-old girl and her parents were killed, and two others were injured at the hands of an unknown assailant who opened fire without apparent motive.

22:18 when the deceased family was in a private house, located at 11th Street, the man in the street shot the window. The father was killed immediately, while his wife and daughter were taken to hospital in critical condition, and soon declared dead. Two more people whose relationships with the family of the victims not specified, were hospitalized with serious injuries.

The shooting occurred just a few blocks from the elementary school that was closed due to the late time.

The motives of the perpetrator, who managed to escape from the scene, it is still unclear to the police. Police urge potential witnesses to assist in the investigation and ask anonymously report the information by phone (209) 937-8377, (209) 937-8323 or (209) 946-0600.