55-year-old nanny who killed 2 children because «voices in her head», was sentenced to life imprisonment

A terrible story, which resulted in the death of two small children from the Upper East side finally ended. 55-year-old Yoselyn Ortega, who worked as a nanny, has appointed a sentence of life imprisonment without right to parole.

The tragedy occurred in 2012. Then Ortega, who has worked by the time the Krim family for two years, took 6-year-old Lucy and 2-year-old Leo into the bathroom and inflicted numerous stab wounds. According to prosecutors, the children simply had no chance to survive. After that, the murderer tried to commit suicide, but it failed.

Returning home with the third kid, the mother she found a heartbreaking picture. In the middle of a blood-drenched bathroom, lay her dead children. The father just returned home from a business trip and learned about the incident at the time the plane landed at Kennedy airport.

At trial, Ortega’s lawyers argued that the woman had been living in a state of depression and had disorders in the psyche. According to lawyers, she heard voices, and she was repeatedly visited by a vision in which «her body was possessed by Satan«. To protect the murderer insisted that for this reason the babysitter cannot be held responsible for loss of life young children.

«I insist on the fact that she was aware of his actions no more than a baby or a rough wild beast,» said Ortega’s lawyer , Valerie van Leer-Greenberg.

Other opinions about it were the prosecutors. According to them, the woman had deliberately committed the double murder, clearly imagining «every shot and every swing». When the word was given to the parents of the dead kids, the jury was unable to hold back the tears. The father during his speech said that he wants the criminal «the rest of your life to rot and die in a concrete box».

55-year-old nanny who killed 2 children because «voices in her head», was sentenced to life imprisonmentLeo and Lucy were brutally murdered his nanny

Mother Lucy and Leo Marina Kim explained the action Ortega’s desire to destroy their family. In her opinion, the killer not only reached their goal, but in the end, ruined the lives of his family forever and he cursed himself. Kim said that during the investigation, neither the babysitter nor her family showed no regret over the death of children.

«The defendant might think that she destroyed the Lulu and Leo, but she’s wrong. Lulu and Leo is a powerful force, and now they are two starsthat will always lead us forward,» said the mother of the dead children.

Before the sentencing last the word was given to Yoselyn Ortega. She cried and asked for forgiveness from the family of Kim.

«I’m sorry that it happened, and I hope no one will have to go through what I did. In this world there are many people who wish me evil, «—said in his speech, the defendant.

The lawyer of a nanny-killer asked the judge to show «mercy» to her client and to mitigate the sentence. She asked me to give the woman the opportunity to apply for parole.

The judge agreed with the defense arguments and sentenced to a life imprisonment without PAROLE. Disclosing a sentence, the civil servant has called Ortega a «pure evil«. However, he noted that during pre-trial detention of the defendant was offered various drugs, but she didn’t want to accept them.