The NYPD arrested the murderer stabbed a passerby who tried to defend women

The new York police Department arrested 36-year-old Roy Christmas on suspicion of murdering a man from Freeport. According to the NYPD, the suspect committed the crime after a passerby stood up for unfamiliar woman. As it turned out, she has Christmas relative, in which the attacker tried to extort money.

The tragedy occurred on may 1, 2018. That day in one of the houses down the street to Warner Avenue (near Hempstead, long island), early in the morning there was a quarrel between two relatives. One of the participants of the conflict — Roy Christmas, but the name of the woman who was also involved in a dispute, the police did not disclose.

According to officers, the man believed that a relative owes him, and aggressively demanded to return the money. The conflict escalated into a brawl that was already on the street. This moment passed by the passerby. 57-year-old William Pinkney, hearing the screams, came to the rescue and tried to protect the woman.

Christmas began fighting with a man and at some point grabbed a sharp object. The attacker struck the victim several blows, one of which was fatal. When the victim ceased to resist, the offender fled the scene and threw the murder weapon. The last two weeks he was in search.

Representatives from the NYPD did not specify the circumstances under which a suspect has been arrested. You know, Roy Christmas was actually homeless, because of which it was difficult to find.

Now he is in jail awaiting a preliminary hearing on the murder case.