An explosion at a medical center in California, one woman was killed

Yesterday afternoon (15 may) has occurred explosion in a two-story medical center building in southern California.

According to police, an unknown device exploded in a building in Aliso Viejo (orange County), located about 50 miles South of Los Angeles.

The explosion killed a woman, three more people were injured. Today, may 16, the police called the identity of the deceased. It was a local resident, 40-year-old Ildiko a Pinch, a licensed cosmetologist. She is survived by her husband and son-student.

Officials said that, most likely, the explosion was not a terrorist act, incident not affiliated with any extremist group. The initially considered version of a possible gas explosion, but later, the police called the explosion «accidental». However, the explosive device has not yet been found.

Perhaps unknown suspect had their own agenda, and his target could be anyone from employees of the center. The investigation continues, the two victims are still in hospitals.