Mother struck 70 stab wounds 11-year-old daughter

The young Oklahoma native almost died at the hands of his own mother. The woman intended to brutally murder 11-year-old daughter, striking her with a knife from 50 to 70 times. The baby miraculously survived but is in critical condition.

The terrifying incident happened on Monday in Tulsa, after a mother was angry with his three daughters 11, 9 and 8 years old. According to investigators, 39-year-old Tahir Ahmad was outraged that children «read and look at it» (what they read, the police did not specify).

The woman was bound girls, gagged his mouth, and began to beat the older. When she began to fight back, the mother hit her with a pick on the head, and then floated the knife. During the terrible massacre of the middle daughter managed to escape, unleashed a younger sister and ran to neighbors for help.

Enough playing on the older girl, Ahmad podozhdu house to destroy it for sure. Then, placing the youngest in the car, she drove away.

Fortunately, the wounded girl managed to take from the burning building and hospitalized. It is not known whether she will be able to recover from his injuries.

Grief-a mother was arrested the same day. She was charged with attempted murder, cruelty to children and arson.

Got some great video from Channel 6 from the arrest of the suspect earlier. Here are Corporal Jimmie Curran and Officer Jonella Griffith Weaver making the arrest. Other officer arrive quickly and help the 7 year old away from the car.

— Tulsa Police (@TulsaPolice) May 15, 2018