In South Carolina the child was attacked by a shark

On the coast of South Carolina on a 10-year-old boy was attacked by a shark. It happened last Sunday in the waters off Hilton head island in Beaufort County, where the family went on vacation.

According to Tony Turrell, mother of the injured boy, they were on the beach for about an hour. Her two sons were playing in the shallows when suddenly one of the boys yelled, «Shark!». The woman rushed to her son and saw that he was bleeding: the shark bit the child in the right forearm.

«He behaved like a real little soldier — says Tonya Turrell. She wrapped her son in a towel and ran to the rescue. — He’s so brave!».

The boy was taken to a hospital in Savannah, Georgia, where he had to have surgery. According to the mother, now the child feels already good, but it is unlikely he will want in the near future again to swim in the ocean.

Experts from the natural history Museum in Florida and viewed photos of the wound and confirmed that it is a shark bite, but they are not sure about the what kind of shark attacked the child.

Told the Manager of the beach on Hilton head island Mike Wagner, almost daily in the summer season the lifeguards notice sharks and swimmers misleading about the urgent need to get out of the water. This happened a few days before the attack on Jay Turrella.

However, in 2018 this is the first recorded message about a shark in these waters. In 2017 in South Carolina were 10 confirmed shark attacks, including eight on the island of Hilton head.

A 10-year-old boy suffered heavy blood loss in Hilton Head shark attack, mom says

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