In the state of new York known coach arrested for alleged sexual abuse of young children

The police in Ramapo arrested a gymnastics coach who worked for many years in this position and managed to open a few gyms. He was charged with sexual abuseof at least over 5 children under the age of 13 years, in the period from 2001 to 2014. The police suspect that the victims may be so much more and is actively investigating this crime.

67-year-old Joseph Levin, from the city of Port Chester (new York), taught children gymnastics for many years. It is a well-known personality in the County of Rockland, where he was detained. In addition to teaching in multiple sports institutions, the man also held classes at two gyms owned for several years.

For the first time about possible harassment, the police found out 6 weeks ago. Then a former gymnast who worked at Levin, came to the police and told about the committed against her, in the past, the crime. The investigators undertook the development of an alleged pedophile and soon found another 4 victims. They all confirmed that at different times were subjected to sexual violence, and that the coach used against them physical force.

«I’m in shock. Joe spent a lot of classes and worked with a huge number of children. Usually he studied very young children, this group of 5 to 11 years,» commented Ron Resnick, a man who knows Levin personally.

In recent years the man worked in school Mania Training Facilitythat trains athletes for cheerleading. The management of the institution was shocked by the police statement. According to the Director Mania Training Facility, Levin worked for many years with them and no complaints from children was not reported. Coach is associated with numerous programs for the training of gymnasts in the States of new York and new Jersey.

«We are concerned that it may be more victims. It is likely that among them are those who are over 16 years old. Everyone understands that this is a very sensitive topic and people are uneasy to talk about it,» said Michael Colbath, the police chief of Ramapo.

At the moment Joseph Levin released on bail, the amount of which totaled $10 thousand. If his involvement in the aforementioned crimes will be proved, the rest of his days a man may spend in prison.