In Washington state Cougar killed one cyclist and injured another

Yesterday, may 19, Cougar pounced on 2 men making a morning bike ride in a mountainous area 30 miles (48 km) East of Seattle (state of Washington).

One of the cyclists died from the teeth and claws of the animal, the second with wounds was hospitalized. Their names are not yet known, but doctors say that the life of the second man is out of danger.

As said the representative of the Sheriff’s office , king County Sergeant Ryan Abbott, the first Cougar attacked one of the cyclists. Second, leaving the bike, tried to escape, but the predator, seeing this, rushed after the fugitive. Then the first wounded, the man managed to get back on the bike and go. It broke about 2 miles (3.2 km) before reaching the zone of cellular coverage and dial 911.

Arrived at the place of tragedy rescuers and police found the body of the deceased. The Puma stood over him. To shoot the beast was not immediately apparent. Chased him until he climbed a tree.

For the Cougars it’s atypical behavior, noted expert on bears and Cougars in Washington rich Beausoleil. Unlike many big cats, they rarely attack people, preferring to avoid it. Since the last Cougar attack fatality in the state was held 94 years.

Cougars, or mountain lions (also known as Cougars) are a protected species, but each year the state permits the hunting and killing 250 individuals within 50 areas, mainly where they pose a serious threat to the populations of other animals.