Teenagers attacked a 93-year-old resident of new York for $7

The evening of 17 may 2 teenagers attacked a 93-year-old woman, who was returning home from Hunter College, where she studies Italian music and culture.

«It all happened very quickly, — said an elderly resident of the Upper East side. — I suddenly felt like someone was pulling out from my hand bag , and throws me to the ground». All remember a woman — his own cries for help.

The robbers snatched purse with cash, credit card and ID and disappeared in the area of East 66th Street and 3rd Avenue. Stolen wallet police found a few blocks from the crime scene: it turned out, their production amounted to only $7.

The attack resulted in the victim, on the eve celebrated its 93 anniversary, suffered serious injuries: multiple abrasions on his forehead and a triple fracture of the elbow joint. However, the victim was «the steadfast tin soldier»: she refused surgical intervention and insisted that the doctors were limited to the introduction of minimal doses of anesthetic.

Now a vigorous old lady recovers his health at New York Presbyterian Hospital. For all 60 years of his life in new York, says she is nothing like her never happened. Anyway, the 93-year-old resident of the Big Apple, despite the fractures and abrasions, has not lost neither the courage nor the interest to world events. So, on Saturday, may 19, she from his hospital bed watched the wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle.