In Linden the overturned truck filled the street 9 thousands of gallons of gasoline

Today, may 30, around 8:30 am in Linden (NJ) overturned trailer truck, spilling about 9 thousand gallons of gasoline: as a result of unsuccessful maneuver the contents of the trailer spilled out onto the roadway.

The truck driver received minor injuries. Medical assistance was rendered to the victim at the scene. At the moment, his life is out of danger.

Linden police shut down the highway 1/9 in both directions at stations between Pleasant Street and Southwood Avenue. Drivers advised to take a detour.

In the accident, police were forced to evacuate the hotel The Crown Inn located in close proximity to the scene of the accident. Wheeler in the Park because of the incident restricted to pedestrian traffic. The police together with firefighters continue to make measurements to determine the air quality in different parts of the streets, if necessary, to promptly evacuate residents.