Florida 8-month-old baby killed pit bull home

This morning, may 31, the victim of the aggression his pet dog became 8-month-old Liana Vilano from Miramar (state of Florida).

The staff of the Miramar Fire received a report that the house at 2420 Kingston Drive pit bull Terrier bit a child, but, upon arrival, found the child dead.

8-month-old baby girl dies after she was attacked by a pet dog in Florida https://t.co/Qr8N2WauYM pic.twitter.com/eJYzRYANUQ — 11AliveNews

— Channel 1 Atlanta (@channel1atlanta) May 31, 2018

«In Florida killed 8-month-old baby due to the attack home dog.»

According to the police, little Liana left under the care of his grandmother. The woman was walking 3 pit bulls, when suddenly one of them lashed out at the child sitting in the rocking chair.

According to police, the fatal pit bull showed up at the house as a puppy 3-4 years ago. Officer Yesenia Diaz from Miramarska police Department reported that a dog-killer «most likely» put to sleep, but it will depend on the decision of experts to control animals. To ascertain the circumstances of all 3 dogs took control of the staff of the Animal Care and Adoption.

The girl’s mother Brand Villasin during the attack was the work of a «Child lives with me every morning, I leave her to go to work, she told reporters CBS4. We are torn between kindergarten and home.»

Unfortunately, such cases are not rare. Recently in Oklahoma a woman was mauled by a neighbor’s dog, usedonmost of which was a cross between a Dachshund and Terrier. Another tragedy in the same state occurred in early 2018. Then a pit bull killed 3-year-old daughter of his new owner.

Brenda Villasin described her daughter Liana Valino as her world. A young girl who smiled every morning. The 8 month old losing her life after being attacked by a Pitbull that was a family pet. @WPLGLocal10 pic.twitter.com/v6CLGJJe5Y

— Roy Ramos (@RRamosWPLG) May 30, 2018

«Brand Villasin said that her daughter Liana Valino for her — the whole world. This girl every morning was greeted with a smile. 8-month-old baby died due to the attack of a family pet — a pit bull».