In Washington, a repeat offender trying to make the neighbor and 3 of her children to be their slaves

Serious shock ended the last day of may for the family from the city of Centralia (state of Washington): they literally wanted to turn into slaves.

In recognition of the victims, 29-year-old Wellington Waggener, who lived next door to them, they are always a little frightening — very large, height 2 meters. However, they did not expect what will happen the morning of may 31.

Around 7.00 local time, the mother was going to take the kids to school. Her 12-year-old son first jumped out to take a seat in the car. However, when a woman came out of the house, he did not find the child in the car. Together with 2 other children, she began to search for him. Suddenly from next door came the cry, and relatives decided to go check out what’s happening.

It turned out, when the boy went outside, he called Waggener. Calling the boy to him, the man grabbed his clothes, was dragged into the house and struck in the face and ordered to clean the house. Noise heard the child’s mother and with the children came to understand what it is. However, instead of explaining he heard the threats in his address. Waggener caused his family to clean up your house and backyard.

«He said that now we will feel what it’s like to be slaves, «he told police one of the victims.

The woman with the children began to beg the neighbor to let them go, but got a hard failure. Moreover, he made each of them read the so-called «allegiance«. This supposedly meant that now the whole family is in slavery. His victims were forced to obey. Fortunately, 13-year-old girl managed to escape from its «owner» and to call the police.

Arrived on the scene, the police freed the hostages and arrested Waggoner. He was charged with unlawful imprisonment, assault in the fourth degree and harassment. The man was placed in County jail where he awaits arraignment.

As it turned out, this is not the first crime of Waggener. He repeatedly came into the view of law enforcement. In recognition of the police, it took 5 officers to handle the man.

«He looks extremely intimidating,» said the policeman involved in the arrest «slave owner».