In a plane crash over the Atlantic has died, family members Krupinski

2 Jun over the Atlantic, two miles from Indian Wells Beach in Amagansett (NY) crashed a small private plane Piper PA31 Navajo. According to the New York Post, it belonged to Bernard Krupinski , a local businessman and Builder of expensive houses in East HAMPTON, whom the press often called the «builder to the stars«.

The plane was heading to the airport in East HAMPTON, when she was caught in a severe thunderstorm. Once it disappeared from radar, the dispatcher reported to the police.

At the time of the crash on Board were myself, Ben Krupinski (72 years) and his family: wife Bonnie Krupinski (70 years) and the grandson of William Mayor (22 years). Aircraft operated by 47-year-old pilot John Dollard.

According to preliminary data, the crash no one survived. Currently, two dead bodies were lifted from the water off the coast of long island. The authorities do not announce their names. The search for two remaining passengers continues.

Krupinski was engaged in the construction and reconstruction of houses for Billy Joel, Roger waters of Pink Floyd, Martha Stewart, and many others.

Family Krupinski owns East Hampton Point, occupying 5 acres. Here, in addition to a range of guest houses with swimming pools and tennis courts, is a well-known restaurant Citta Nuova 400 seats of Windows with a view of the Harbor, Three Mile.

As commented by the restaurant staff, the family Krupinski always moved only on the plane.

The sole heir of the Empire Krupinski is their 52-year-old daughter Laura Krupinski.