Texan killed her husband for abusing cat

For bullying cat Dexter Harrison of Dallas (state of Texas) paid life. He shot his own wife.

As told to the Dallas police Department, the morning of June 2 patrol received a report of a shooting in the 13200 block on Fall Manor Drive. Upon arriving at the scene, police met the lady of the house — 47-year-old Mary Harrison. She admitted she shot her husband during a quarrel began to beat their pet.

The man was taken to hospital, where doctors pronounced him dead on arrival.

According to militiamen, Mary Harrison was arrested and taken to the main police Department. One of Miranda’s rules («the right to remain silent») she couldn’t tell, but she agreed to talk to detectives. During interrogation the woman said that really shot her husband because of his abuse of the cat.

Neighbors of the spouses say that they often swore. It is not known whether shot Mary with the intention to kill her husband, or it was an accident. The truth will be explored by the investigators.

While the woman remains in prison, but could bail at $100 thousand.

Dallas woman said she killed her husband as he beat their cat, police say https://t.co/5mbvm6ZT6t pic.twitter.com/gBTKZxWVVI

— 11Alive News (@11AliveNews) June 4, 2018