Liner American Airlines made an emergency landing due to a broken windshield by hail

A flurry of hail broke the windshield and damaged the nose of the liner American Airlines, a flight 1897 in Phoenix (state of Arizona). The commander of the crew decided on emergency landing.

Airport San Antonio (state of Texas) the plane left last night, may 3. But severe weather conditions prevented the aircraft and its 130 passengers on time to reach your destination. After 2 hours of the flight the aircraft was hit by heavy hail.

The pilots on the radio announced that «the forward visibility is virtually absent», but something visible in the side Windows. In the end, the liner had to make an emergency landing halfway in El Paso (TX).

According to the Federal aviation administration (Federal Aviation Administration – FAA), despite the damage to the ship during flight, during landing no one was hurt.

«Currently, the aircraft has passed the inspection by our maintenance team. We do not wish to disrupt the plans of our customers and are sorry about the problem,» — said in a statement, American Airlines.

A strong storm swept through the center of the United States: in Colorado, new Mexico and Texas. And in the Central part of new Mexico authorities has issued a warning about strong wind gusts and large hail.