In Oregon, the bear was the culprit, which killed a firefighter from Bend

The tragic incident occurred on Saturday, June 2, near the town of warm springs (Oregon). On highway 26 in the accident killed a firefighter from the administrative center of bend. The police said that the accident provoked a wild animal — a bear.

According to available information, 39-year-old Rhett Larsen was heading from Portland back home on his motorcycle. About 7 PM local time, in his way was suddenly a large bearjumped into the road. To react the man had no time, and at full speed crashed into the animal. As a result of blow of fire was thrown straight into a passing SUV Ford.

It all happened in a matter of seconds: when faced with the body of Larsen, the car flew into a ditch. The woman who was driving the SUV, even do not understand what happened. She received serious injuries and was taken by helicopter to the nearest hospital. But the fire was not likely to survive. Blow was such force that the man died instantly. The bear also did not survive the collision with the motorcycle.

Last night the Bend Fire Department suffered a tragic loss. Rhett Larsen, a BFD engineer was killed in an off duty traffic accident while traveling on HWY 26, he is survived by his family. Rhett was not only an exceptional firefighter…

— Bend Firefighters (@bendfirefighter) June 3, 2018

The police had not yet completed the investigation, however, according to the preliminary version, the culprit is a wild animal. Police are trying to figure out determine whether it has exceeded the speed of 39-year-old firefighter, and whether he had time to react to the appearance of obstacles. According to witnesses, the victim is catastrophically unlucky. If on the opposite lane at the time of the accident did not appear the SUV, the man could stay alive.

Rhett Larsen worked as a firefighter since 2002 and, according to his colleagues, was a very kind person. People are shocked at this tragedy. Man went through many dangers in his work, and died in unfortunate circumstances.

«He was a creative soul with an open heart, intelligent and favorite member of our team. Rhett enjoyed life to the fullest and loved his work,» the statement said Bend Fire Department (BFD).