Modern mummy: the remains of a man lay in the house for 10 years

To find a normal-looking house, a mummy, when are you going to just clean up — such a find will bring balance to anyone, no matter what part of the world it happened.

29 may a group of cleaners found in one of the houses in the suburbs of Sydney (Australia) mummified body of a man wrapped in a carpet, which was hidden in a pile of garbage. The news was leaked to the media and social networks, and now it is discussed not only in the homeland of the incident, but in the United States. What happened?

Today, June 5, the police reported that the remains could be identified — they belong to Shane John Snellman. The body is covered with multiple wounds, which could provoke death. However, it was there for about 10 years, so the exact cause of death yet to be determined.

«At this stage we still do not know when he died,» concluded the police of the southern Wales.

The house in which was discovered a terrible discovery, belonged to Bruce Roberts, who died of a heart attack in July last year. According to police, he could be a suspect in this crime.

«It is a mystery, a very unusual situation, — said the chief of police Simon Jones, when the body was discovered. — We rarely have such cases.»

Bob and Gail Meagher, who lived in the neighborhood for 20 years, said that Roberts was a «cheapskate» and a «recluse». «He was paranoid about security, the fence around the house wrapped in barbed wire» were the words of the neighbors about the master of the house.

The owner of the local supermarket Paola Truong knew Roberts about 18 years. «Bruce used to come into the store almost every day, he says. — He never talked, but I was always friendly and I considered him a good guy. I was very surprised that in his house was found the body.»

After his death, Roberts bequeathed most of his estate to several charitable organizations and my cousins who live in the suburbs of New South Wales. Sam Roberts lived in the house for about 50 years, and before him was owned by his parents.

Police are now trying to figure out what kind of relationship could be related to these two men and what could happen.