Mother and son from Brooklyn died in the fire due to the ignition of the garbage can

Today, June 6, early in the morning a fire erupted in one of the Brooklyn apartments, was the cause of death of the mother and son.

Firefighters arrived at East 22nd Street in Ditmas Park about 2am. According to FDNY (Fire Department, New York City) inside of the apartment located on the 6th floor, his employees found the body of 59-year-old woman.

It also found 36-year-old man with severe carbon monoxide poisoning. The ambulance took him to Kings County Hospital. Despite the desperate attempts of medics to save the victim, he survived.

Two people are dead following an early morning apartment fire in #DitmasPark #Brooklyn. Details coming up on #MorningsOn1.

— Spectrum NY1 News (@NY1) August 6, 2018

«Two people were killed during morning fire in the apartment located in the neighborhood of Ditmas Park, Brooklyn».

According to the FDNY, the fire occurred in a trash can in the hallway before the fire quickly spread through the apartment. The fire was extinguished about 3:20.

The FDNY Deputy chief Stephen Moro said that firefighters had faced «extremely dangerous conditions». During the struggle with the elements, two employees of the Department received minor injuries.

Several residents told the TV station ABC 7 about how it all happened.

«There was an explosion, a big Bang. I even thought that it [exploded] bomb,» recalled a resident of the house Marie.

«I heard the explosion, he woke me up and I went to the door, said Peter Antoin. I opened the door, and through it came the smoke. Then I realized that there is a fire.»

Also the residents of the house told that the mother and son were very friendly and helpful people.

«It’s heartbreaking to see good people die that way,» — said the neighbor , Brenda Joachim reporters ABC 7.

«He (the lost man — approx. is a good guy, yesterday I saw him and he told me that coming in on Friday to do me a ceiling fan,» said neighbor Janet Glasgow.

Fire investigators are still working at the scene. The NYPD (New York City Police Department — NYPD) have not yet called the names of the victims.