Well-known chef, writer and host of CNN’s Anthony Bourdain killed himself

In the USA famous French chef and host of TV show on CNN devoted to travel, Anthony Bourdain, has committed suicide in a hotel room in France.

Bourdain was in France, working on upcoming episode of his show Parts Unknown, which has won many awards. His close friend Eric Ripert, French chef, found that burden in a hotel room.

Suicide burden follows the news of the death of Kate spade, which rocked the world this week. Famous designer hung herself with a scarf in his apartment in Manhattan.

I ate with Bourdain. Probably 2004. He was big even then but he took time to sit with me in Chinatown to talk “weird” food for a magazine piece I was writing. He taught me that our “weird” is the world’s delicious. We ate chicken feet. The afternoon vibrated with life. RIP

— John Hodgman (@hodgman) June 8, 2018

I am shocked and deeply saddened rated. RIP to a father, partner, chef, writer, and incredibly talented man. @Bourdain ❤ this Prayers for his loved ones.

— Antoni Porowski (@antoni) June 8, 2018