The chief of police in Mesa are investigating the beating of unarmed men by police

The chief of police of the city of Mesa Ramon Batista will attract former Prosecutor to the investigation of the beating of two men by police. The beating of men and the mistreatment of the teen was recorded on video, which caused a resonance in society.

The chief of police himself released a video to clarify and to «provide additional context that would be lost if the video was published anonymously on the Internet».

Batista said that he did not know about the accident until an anonymous civilian, not sent the video to the police station. Captured on video the incident caused him «profound disappointment». He added: «We will work every day to make sure that such situations do not happen again. I will be ruthless in his pursuit of the perfect work of the police… I promise I’ll fix it».

The chief of police stated that it had hired lawyer Richard M. Ramli to conduct an independent and transparent investigation. Romli, in turn, has promised that his investigation will be thorough and objective.

Recall that recently published a video showing rough police treatment of a teenager who was arrested may 17 on suspicion of armed robbery and assault with a deadly weapon.

The second video shows the police beating 33-year-old Robert Johnson. According to attorney Johnson, the victim received a concussion, multiple bruises and scratches.

In the end, seven officers of the city of Mesa was suspended from his duties, two in the case of the arrest of the teenager and five in the case involving Johnson. It is noteworthy that the police Department of the city of Mesa have been accused of excessive use of force.

URGENT: These @MesaPD Officers need to be arrested & charged immediately.

33 year old Robert Johnson was not just unarmed & non-violent, he never committed a crime. They literally gave him a ticket after knocking him out.

And never mentioned the assault.

This video busted them

— Shaun King (@ShaunKing) August 6, 2018