Florida alligator attacked walking through the Park a woman and ate her

Terrible incident occurred in the town of Davie (Florida) Friday, 8 June. In the natural Park Silver lakes (Silver Lakes) alive was eaten by a local resident, 47-year-old Shizuka Matsuki. The police think did the alligatorthat lived in one of the local reservoirs.

According to detectives investigating the death of a woman, Matsuki often walked in the Park with his two dogs. On Friday, she once again appeared in the area with Pets. Some time later, visitors to the Park saw a dog running around the territory of the Silver lakes without supervision. Besides, one of them was a fresh wound. Finding no traces Matsuki, people went to the police.

Arrived on the scene, the officers interviewed witnesses and soon found out that the woman disappeared close to the coast. Later turned up a witness who claimed they saw the alligator, is drawn into a water human remains. It was decided to cordon off the surrounding area and begin searching for the predator.

Soon the team was able to find 4-foot alligator. Some evidence pointed to the fact that this animal attacked Matsuki. He was caught and sedated, after which he performed the autopsy. Police refuse to say that it is found in the stomach of a predator, but according to them, the evidence was enough.

Jim Borrelli, a family friend Matsuki, tell us a little about the woman local media. The man is sure that it was an accident, because the victim had no enemies and she was a very nice man. Shizuka loved to walk here and always took Pets. It is obvious that it played a cruel joke thrust to the study of Silver lakes, because the woman often went into the Park.

The police completes the investigation and attempts to restore the full picture of the tragedy. It is important to find out how it happened the attack and not involved in the incident someone is an outsider. From 1941 to 2016 in the USA was recorded 401 attack of the alligators. Of these, 24 accidents ended with fatal outcome. It is believed that the probability of being eaten by this predator is equal to 1 3.2 million.