In Florida more than a year has sold the weapon without identity verification

More than a year in Florida , you can purchase weapons without a special inspection on the basis of the FBI. And all because the specialist of the Department of agriculture and consumer services of the state (Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services — FDACS) is responsible for verification of the questionnaires have forgotten your username to log into database.

From February 2016, more than 10 thousand applications persons wishing to purchase weapons that have not been pre-tested in the National instant criminal control (National Instant Criminal Background Check System). As a result, while the problem is not found by another employee of the Department, a permit to purchase weapons can get people with drug addiction, mental illness or committed a crime in another state.

As has established a consequence, to the National instant criminal control had access to only 2 people: Lisa Wilde, which I forgot the login information, and the postal worker, did not know how to work in the program.

In the Department of law of Florida (Florida Department of Law Enforcement — FDLE) wild turned only 40 days after loss of access to the database. And, interestingly, it is not contacted directly with experts who could help her solve the problem, and just sent an email to the General mail FDLE.

However, Wilde said login, but within a month she never used. Employees of the FDLE tried to contact the woman, but she stubbornly didn’t answer the phone. It lasted over a year, until another employee finally found that for some time the Department has not received waivers from the database of the FBI.

The exact amount of statements not considered by the FBI for a specified period, is not known. According to the annual report published by FDACS, from 1 July 2016 to 30 June 2017 was submitted about 275 thousand. Of these, the failure was only 6 470 people, and almost half of these failures were due to provision of incomplete data by the applicants.

One of the latest mass murder in Florida occurred on February 14, when an armed teenager opened fire at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School. Before the police arrested the criminal, he killed 17 people.