A man in Florida, seriously injuring a police officer, took hostage of 4 children and shot them

Tragically ended on Monday, June 11, for the city of Orlando (Florida). There is a 35-year-old Gary Lindsay, Junior, on the basis of personal animosity beat the neighbor, and when the place of the conflict, the police arrived, provided them with armed resistance. Further, the offender took hostage of 4 children, and some time later, shot them. All the victims were no more than 11 years, and one of them recently turned 1 year. After the incident, Lindsay took his own life by suicide.

A standoff between police and the attacker started in Sunday evening. The man caused the injuries to her neighbor, which after the beating I called the police. When officers tried to detain the man, he opened fire on them. Lindsay was shot through the door and seriously wounded one of the policemen, Kevin Valencia, who is now in critical condition in the hospital. Physicians long struggled for the officer’s life and closer to the morning, said that the threat has passed. However, the wound is very serious, and that means you will need a long rehabilitation process.

After a shootout with police, the man declared that he had in the apartment are four hostages. He threatened to kill the children, and the law enforcement officers had to retreat. Arrived on the scene, psychologists have established a link with Lindsay, and then tried to dissuade him from committing violent acts. It turned out that among the hostages was his 2 children, and 2 children of a neighbor.

Due to the fact that the phone the offender was in a poor state, with it often lost connection. In the end, the psychologists asked the attacker to change the phone and offered to give him a working unit. Immediately after that, Lindy opened fire on the children. The police immediately began the assault, but did not manage to do anything. Suspects killed all 4 hostages, not giving them a chance for salvation. When he finished with the children, then shot himself.

«The situation is tragic and sad end. We understand that it was a difficult day for the entire community» — said at a press conference, John Mina, chief of police of Orlando.

According to information provided by law enforcement agencies, Gary Lindsey-Junior previously was in jail for domestic violence and attempted arson. Locals refer to the man as vicious and unpleasant man. He often quarreled with his neighbor, but the people even could not imagine, what this will evolve.