The US again killed the lottery winner. The victim was a 73-year-old man from the Bronx

73-year-old Owen Dillard was found yesterday, June 11, in his apartment on Beekman Avenue, in the area of Mott haven (the Bronx), with a fatal knife wound to the neck.

According to the police Department of new York (New York City Police Department — NYPD), Owen found on the floor of the living-room 60-the summer civil wife. When on a scene there arrived doctors, the man was already dead.

Told reporters as the adopted son of Owen , Jesus pagan, the man had recently been diagnosed with cancer, and the other day he won $10 million in the lottery.

Elderly Lotto winner is found fatally stabbed in the neck in his Bronx apartment


«Old lottery winner found stabbed to death in the neck in his apartment in the Bronx».

According to neighbors, the man lived in the house for a long time, and he had no enemies: all of his very well known and respected.

«They (the neighbors. — were all heartbroken, crying, it was painful, everybody loved him,» said neighbor Kyle.

According to the 37-year-old Katie pagan (namesake stepson Owen), a former victim’s wife also lives in this house. When Katie saw him last, he seemed «happy as usual.»

«He looked pretty good. He was in good shape, happy. He always [was] like, ‘ said Katie. — I’m sorry about his death. I know this man very long… He saw we were growing up, looked after us.»

In the words of Jesus, many knew that his adoptive father found the money: «he used to give money to the debt. Twice he won the lottery. Dillard went to the Cadillac 2017 — so that people know that he has money.»

The police are investigating. The probable motive of the killer is not yet announced. And the detainees in the case on the morning of June 12 in this case no.

Last week a similar case with a fatal outcome occurred in Ohio. A week after winning $50 thousand. 37-year-old Isaac Carson, Jr., father of 2 children was shot.

Unfortunately, such lucky people often become victims of envious people or criminals who want to enrich themselves at the expense of newly rich people.