As a result of the RAID, ICE arrested 51 distribution of child pornography

June 13, Immigration and customs enforcement (U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement’s — ICE), together with a group to investigate Internet crimes against children in Washington state (Washington Internet Crimes Against Children — ICAC) issued a press release in which it summarized the results of the operation «Broken heart» (Broken Heart).

The event was held in the period from 1 March to 31 may. Main task — search and arrest distributors of child pornography, and perpetrators of unlawful acts against minors. During the RAID the joint force managed to arrest the suspect, 51 and to prevent at least one case of sexual abuse of a minor.

Conducted the raids are part of a larger operation called «Predator» (Predator). It was initiated by the Ministry of homeland security (Department of Homeland Security — DHS). This is an international event which is held together with the countries-allies of the US and began in 2003. During this time American law enforcement authorities managed to arrest more than 16 thousand criminals. Among the main types of crimes are: child pornography, sexual exploitation and violence against children and forced prostitution.

According to the report for the year 2016, as part of operation Predator, immigration police arrested 2.6 thousand people. It was released more than 800 children, who were used for illegal purposes by criminals. ICE representatives noted that the investigation of such intruders continues, now carried out from several operations for their detention. Experts of the security sector note: due to the capabilities of modern technology to identify criminals has become much easier.