The Brooklyn passengers watched a «zombie» under the drug K2

12 June, passengers of the new York subway witnessed the terrible picture. One of the men fell onto the tracks of an electric train, and the second acted like a zombie. As found by police later, both were under the influence of the drug K2 (synthetic marijuana).

Involuntary witness of the incident Tiberius Carr, who managed to get him on the phone, put a post with the hashtag Zombieland. Since the publication of the video has received 238 thousand views. In this video you can see one of the men with a bloody face, lying on the rails, struggling to move, but twisted ankle does not allow him to do so. At this time, the people at the top on the platform, asking him not to move. According to Carr, the victim’s face was hit by electric shock. It caused severe burns of the skin and bleeding. Many people are at this time on the platform, began to call the police. But none of them ventured down out of fear to receive an electric shock.

Another man lost consciousness on the platform and was immediately hospitalized. «I felt weak and dizzy,» later he reported to the police.

Local residents reported to police that he repeatedly saw two men-zombies ate K2 directly into Brooklyn. They believe that in 2016, a single use of K2 in the area of Brooklyn has become a real epidemic. Although since then the sale of this drug are prohibited, today, to get it in new York quite easily. K2 is dangerous because frequent use of it slows down physical and mental processes, turning it into a «zombie».