Man without a nose is repeatedly accused of possession of child pornography

Man, previously convicted of a sex crime, which in may moved to Arkansas (Arkansas), was arrested on June 5, according to 5newsonline.

35-year-old Joshua Glen Boxing (Joshua Glen Box) is accused of possession of child pornography. Now he is sent to jail Washington County (Washington County Jail).

After his move in may in Fayetteville (Fayetteville), Arkansas, Sheriff’s office in Facebook warned local residents that in the region arrived sex offender, which is in the category medium risk (assessment by the police of committing new crimes). The picture of the criminal. many are shocked — the offender is missing the nose. How he lost it is unknown.

Earlier (in October 2015) Boxing was convicted of possession and distribution of child pornography. Then the division for the Internet crimes against children (Internet Crimes Against Children) on his computer revealed nearly 2.5 thousand images of child pornography and 450 videos. In August 2015, the Boxing was convicted and served his sentence in the detention Center Washington County.

The court on the second charge is scheduled for August 7, 2018.


SEX OFFENDER NOTIFICATION: The Washington County Sheriff’s Office is releasing the following information pursuant to…

Posted by Washington County Sheriff’s Office on Tuesday, May 22, 2018