A series of suicide does not stop: new York city taxi driver hanged himself on the cord

59-year-old Abdul Saleh was the sixth taxi driver in new York, who committed suicide in the last six months. A scary trend has prompted the Union to demand changes in the drivers, which is increasingly faced with financial problems.

On Friday (June 15) morning, the roommates found Abdul, who hanged himself on an electric cord out of his apartment. According to his partner Camara Chaudhary, the deceased man taksovat for 30 years.

According to the Union of taxi drivers in new York, Abdul every day worked 12-hour shift, couldn’t pay rent and barely make ends meet. The same information The Post confirmed, the partner of a taxi driver who said that in the last month of Abdul did not get $300 to pay the rent.

Kamara admitted that he had to switch to Uber, leaving Saleh. The last time he spoke to the dead 3-4 days ago.

«He seemed frustrated and depressed, recalled ex-partner. — I had to help him. He said he doesn’t know how to survive.»

Director of the Union of taxi drivers Bhairavi Desai lamented the plight of Saleh and other drivers who had to face growing competition from various services.

SIXTH NYC DRIVER DEAD FROM DESPAIR With heavy hearts that we write to tell you that lease yellow cab driver Abdul Saleh…

Posted by NY Taxi Workers Alliance on Friday, June 15, 2018

Last month, a resident of Queens th Maine Chou , nicknamed «Kenny,» also joined the list of taxi drivers suicide. He jumped into the East river, because he could not repay the loan on the purchase of a license and support my family.

«I love my brother, he was very hardworking, he loved his family,» said brother Yu Meina reporters CBS2. Family Chow argues that for them money was not an issue while online services search for travel do not become hard to compete with taxis.

Taxi medallions were once extremely valuable, because the demand was stable. But in the years after Uber and similar companies have forwales on the market, the cost of this metal plate, which is hung on the hood of a yellow car and gives you the right to pick up passengers, fell from 1 million up to $200 thousand.