Concerned passengers saved 6-year-old girl fell onto the subway tracks

On Saturday in Brooklyn concerned passengers saved 6-year-old girl fell on the rails of the subway. As reported by CBSNewYork , he did not hesitate he jumped down and retrieved the child. The girl definitely has a guardian angel, because she escaped with only minor scratches. A lot more went to her mother.

According to police, the girl was traveling with her mother and several other children on the train D, followed in the direction of Coney island. They came to the station Atlantic Avenue-Barclays, the girl was with his friend. When the train began to move, the girl suddenly rushed up behind him. As explained by the captain of the new York state police Williams Zahid (Zahid Williams), «at some unfortunate moment the girl caught the train, the train dragged her a few feet and finally she fell on the canvas».

One of the passengers immediately reported the incident to employees of the station, and the train was left for about 30 minutes.

The girl’s mother immediately tried to help her daughter and jumped down behind it on the rails, but unsuccessfully — when she twisted her ankle. Then, to help the child rushed to one of the witnesses of the incident and lifted her to the platform. Both victims were taken to Brooklyn hospital in stable condition.

Sometimes enough seconds to disaster: this is why parents travelling with young children, need to be especially careful. As noted by the Brooklyn resident Karen Ocing (Karen Ochieng), she always tries to keep their children tightly by the hand, and when it comes to the subway, sees that they «were always there».

A few days ago we reported that in a Brooklyn subway passengers watched two people under the influence of drugs K2.