In Brooklyn a man with a hammer, killed elderly neighbor, leaving her naked to die in the street

A terrible crime occurred on a street in Brooklyn last Wednesday, when a mentally unstable man for reasons unknown, attacked his roommate. After the attack the victim was taken to the nearest hospital, however, on Sunday, 17 June, she died, without regaining consciousness.

According to the report, employees of the NYPD, he was attacked by a 32-year-old Ryan Wilson, who had previously had mental problems. In broad daylight, the perpetrator broke down the door to the apartment of a neighbor who lived on the floor above. The man struck a 68-year-old victim at about ten blows with a hammer to the head and torso, then pulled her outside. The woman was practically naked.

People, who witnessed the event, were shocked. According to them, the assailant was acting totally inappropriately, leaving the body of the victim in the street, began to destroy the standing nearby cars. The appearance of women talked about the fact that she was seriously injured. Witnesses have described a «sea of blood» and the terribly mutilated face of an elderly victim.

When the man came back to the house, one of the local residents took the sheets and covered her, waiting for the police. Officers arrived at the scene, broke down the door to the apartment of Wilson. The man was armed with a hammer and a knife, and his clothes were soaked with blood. To neutralize the attacker, the cops used the Taser.

68-year-old woman was urgently hospitalized, but her condition was dire. Not regaining consciousness, she died. The doctors say that the body could not stand mutilation, and her heart stopped. The killer is now in prison awaiting trial. Wilson is charged with attempted murder, assaulting a man and unlawful possession of a weapon. However, after the death of the victim this list, apparently, will be reviewed.