A police officer accused of sexually abusing 4-year-old girl

Monday, June 18, a police officer from Texas was accused of «sexual violence with aggravating circumstances» over the 4-year-old girl. This was reported by the police at a press conference.

Jose Nunez, 47-year-old employee of the Sheriff’s office Beksar County (Bexar County Sheriff’s Office), was arrested on Sunday morning, June 17, after a female immigrant who brought his daughter to the local fire Department. She turned to firefighters for help because the girl screamed in extreme pain.

«The details of this harrowing case are horrific and lead to anger,» said County Sheriff Beksar Javier Salazar (Javier Salazar).

The suspect was blackmailing mother, who arrived in the States from Guatemala, deportation, forcing to keep quiet about the child abuse. The police suggest that it could last for months, if not years, and it is likely that there are other victims.

The police Department now seeks to provide protection for the mother and her child. The former COP will be punished for a period of not less than 25 years. It is unknown whether he deliberately sought victims among immigrants, using their fear of the police.

«Bill No. 4», adopted last year in the Senate of Texas, makes immigrants without registration to live in constant fear. According to this law, local authorities can investigate, is it legal that people throughout the United States.

Center for refugees and immigrants (The Refugee and Immigrant Center for Education and Legal Services), known as RAICES, wrote in his Twitter on Sunday in response to the case in the district Beksar that this law «to intimidate people, and they do not seek help even when they need it».

County Sheriff Beksar called on all immigrantsresiding in this district and undocumented, to report if they were victims of the arbitrariness of the authorities.

Congrats @GregAbbott_TX. #sb4 and your violent, racist rhetoric has terrified people into not seeking help when they need it. Also let’s not forget that @BexarCoSheriff honored ALL @ICEgov detainers BEFORE #SB4. #SB4isHate https://t.co/ULmq4laWxc

— RAICES (@RAICESTEXAS) June 17, 2018