Shooting in the Bronx: 3 killed, criminals on the loose (updated)

Today, 21 June, about 10 o’clock in the morning two unknown persons opened fire at 656 Castle Hill Avenue in the district of castle hill (Bronx) near a small shopping center.

The incident injured two people: a man was shot in the head, and a woman in the torso. In critical condition was taken to Jacobi Medical Center. They then proceeded on Simpson Avenuewhere shot another passer-by. He was also taken to medical center.

According to official figures, wounds were incompatible with life — all three victims died in hospital.

The first two victims were identifitsirovany as 45-year-old Arelady Jimenez and 33-year-old Mustafa Tarver, who probably avaleuse mother and son.

According to the police, most likely, the killer was targeting the two men. Still unknown the motives of the shooters.

Maria Nunez, a resident of the house, which is near the scene, said she was in good relations with the three victims.

«It hurts. These are my dear friends, — she told reporters. — I do not remember that they had a problem.»

On the detention of suspects by the police Department of new York (New York City Police Department — NYPD) announced.

Recall that in 2017 during a fire in Castle Hill the staff of the FDNY found a suspicious dead body with a gunshot wound to the head.