Arrested all 5 members of the gang who brutally murdered 15-year-old from the Bronx

Police arrested 5 members of a street gang suspected in the brutal murder of 15-year-old Leandro Gusman-Felix. The first two police officers arrested in the Bronx, the other three have followed in Paterson (NJ), reports the NY Post.

On Wednesday night, five men struck a 15-year-old Leandro Gusman-Felix the numerous machete wounds, including the neck area. Despite his condition, the teenager tried to get to the hospital St. Barnabas, which is only a block from the scene of the tragedy, but failed, falling on the way to the ground. Came to the rescue to help the locals heard him ask for water. Not regaining consciousness, Leandro died in the hospital.

As it turned out, the teenager was mixed up with the other boys in the center of a gang war he was accidentally.

The relatives of the murdered boy could not believe what happened. Leandro was just a regular teenager playing PlayStation and asking my sister about how to behave on dates with girls. All in the family and the neighborhood called him Junior. Guy participated in the program, the NYPD Explorers, dreaming of one day becoming a police officer.

When he left the house in the night of her death, said she wanted to go down and return one of his friends owed him $5. What happened after Leandro left the apartment? According to witnesses, a group of men with machetes pulled it out of the shop on Bathgate Ave. in Tremont and you brutally murdered a teenager.

The boy’s family urged the public to boycott the store, in front of the Windows which the tragedy took place as workers in no way prevented the massacre of the innocent teenager.

The reaction of the public

The cruel death of an innocent teenager has stirred up residents of the Bronx, and then across new York. The social networks are now gaining popularity campaign with the hashtag #Justice for Junior. Ordinary citizens and celebrities started to post words of sympathy to the family of the deceased and the requirements to prosecute the perpetrators.

It hurts me every time I see a story like this in the news. I’m a father of four and couldn’t imagine losing any one of my own kids. The violence and hate needs to stop. There’s too much other stuff already going on in this world. #JusticeForJunior

— CC Sabathia (@CC_Sabathia) June 23, 2018

I cannot get this child out of my mind. He was 15. He wanted to be a police officer. The videos are so haunting. Traumatizing. I’ve never prayed for strangers this much ever. He was a sweet baby. 💔💔💔 #JUSTICEFORJUNIOR Hope everyone involved is caught soon. Pray for his family.

— Jaymie Leslie (@9jaymieleslie) June 24, 2018

The police response

On a press-conferences the chief of the NYPD Terence Monaghan stated that the murder of 15-year-old boy has become one of the most brutal he had ever seen in my entire 36 years of service. Then the police was given a promise: as soon as possible to find and prosecute the killers Leandro. Terence Monaghan in his Twitter posted the video store and asked for help in finding the killers.

The stabbing murder of this young man is among the most brutal crimes I’ve seen in my 36yr career. @NYPDDetectives are working hard to capture these killers, but we also need your help. Watch this video and call #800577TIPS with any information you can provide. #JUSTICEFORJUNIOR

— Chief Terence Monahan (@NYPDChiefofDept) June 23, 2018

At the moment we know about the arrest of all suspects relating to the incident.