On the beach in new York found «the headless ritual» of birds (photo)

A basket with spooky contents — 6 decapitated chickens found on Thursday, June 21, at the beach Ilia in Suffolk County (state of new York).

As told in the local Society of protection of animals (SPCA Suffolk County), except for the dead birds in a basket, covered with blue cloth, were also grain, fruit and candles.

The judge to whom the staff of the SPCA asked for advice said that, it is most likely a ritual sacrifice — an offering to the goddess Yemaya.

Area minutes away from yemanja (roof-top pool) — in the mythology of the Yoruba (a group of peoples who inhabit West Africa) the mother goddess, patroness of women, the embodiment of the Ogun river. Subsequently, the cult of Jamii caught on and was widely spread among the black population of Latin America, merged with the Catholic tradition of honoring the mother of God. The cult of Yamaji is important, for example, in voodoo.

The humane society promised reward of $1 million to anyone who can help to trace the perpetrators of «this inhuman act of cruelty to animals».

According to officer gross, who heads the police Ilipa in Suffolk will not tolerate the mistreatment of animals. If you witness such incident, please notify by phone (631) 382-7722. All callers are guaranteed confidentiality.

On the beach in new York found «the headless ritual» of birds (photo)Source: SPCA

We will remind, in January the decapitated birds were found on the territory of the Orthodox Church in Brooklyn.