6-year-old boy found on a sofa in the IKEA store a gun and shot

In Indiana in the store IKEA child found on the couch a loaded gun and shot him.

The incident occurred in the city of fishers. According to police, earlier in the day visitor to the shop sat on the sofa to test its comfort, and has not noticed, how have dropped their guns. «The man got up and left, and the child found the gun,» said Sergeant Tom Veger from the local police Department.

Fortunately, not suffered neither the visitors nor the 6-year-old boy.

About the incident, the police informed the Prosecutor’s office Hamilton County will examine the case and decide whether to put forward any charges.

Representatives of IKEA said in an official statement that customers ‘ safety is the main priority of the company. «We are very serious about this incident, brought a sincere apology to the family of the child and cooperate with the police,» the statement said.

IKEA added that regularly test their security system, but they have no ban on the wearing in the shops of the weapons if the owner has permission. Was there permission from «forgetful» men, is still unknown.

Sergeant Veger said that gun owners should be more responsible.

We will remind, in may in Virginia 4-year-old boy shot his brother, mistaking a gun for a toy.