92-year-old woman shot son, attempted to send her to a nursing home

A resident of Arizona, 92-year-old Anna Mei, blessing, killed his 72-year-old son Thomas, who decided to put her in a nursing home.

As reported by Sheriff Paul Benson from the office of the Sheriff of the County of Maricopa, the woman devised a plan a few days and finally the morning of July 2 implemented the plan. Double-shooting son, she got into a fight with his mistress.

In the heat of the fight, the killer missed the weapon. However, in this case she had stashed a «spare tire» — Anna Mae immediately snatched it out of his robe pocket and pointed at the opponent. However, managed to fire because the woman managed to knock the gun from her hands. After that, a friend of the dead man, who wished to remain anonymous, immediately called 911.

Officers arrived on call in the area of fountain hills, asked Anna Mae to leave the house, but she did not respond. The old lady found her calmly sitting in the chair. When arrested, she did not resist.

Leaving the house, Anna Mae said: «You took my life, so I’m taking yours.»

On questioning, it turned out that the detained had in mind the intention of the son to send her to a nursing home. According to Thomas, it was difficult to live with, admitted the old lady. A revolver and a pistol 25 caliber kept her in the bedroom still with 1970-ies.

Anna Mae said that it should «put to sleep» for what she did, because she was going to kill himself after deal with ungrateful son.

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The story behind THIS MUGSHOT>> Elderly #FountainHills mother who refused to go to a nursing home — shot & killed her 72 yr old son. More on 92yr old Anna Mae Blessing& @MCSOaz invesitgation on #GoodEveningAz Starting @ 4 #AZFamily pic.twitter.com/ixlsHr4b1M

— Nicole Crites (@NicoleCritesTV) July 3, 2018

According to court documents, before the tragedy police had already arrived at the house of Anna Mae and her son in connection with a complaint of domestic violence.

According to the Sheriff’s office, Anna Mei, blessing charged with committing first-degree murder, assault with a deadly weapon with the aggravating circumstances.

Now she is in jail and can be released on bail in the amount of $500 thousand.